Explorer Destroyer
Get this tool for switching people from IE to Firefox.
For each person you switch, Google gives you $1, Microsoft loses marketshare, and an angel gets its wings.

Screenshot of the script in action (also see the demos below).

Switch your users to Firefox and make money.

You already want people to switch to Firefox. Now's the time to get serious about it. Google is paying $1 for each new Firefox user you refer.

This is pretty amazing. Now you can advance your ideals, save people from popups and spyware hell, and make some serious money. Millions of people have heard about Firefox and are ready to switch--all they need is a friendly push.

That's where these scripts come in. They're specially formulated to give just the right push, maximizing souls-saved and dollars-for-you.

How do I do it? (it's easy)

1. You need a Google AdSense account to make referral money for each user switched. If you don't already have an account, click here to sign-up.

2. Download the script and follow the installation instructions. It's very easy to install, just copy and paste.

Additional Versions: There is a Drupal module and an XSLT version. The scripts will also work with web software like Wordpress (install instructions) and Movable Type (we'd love help writing specific install instructions for different tools, email [email protected]).

Squid Proxy version: Joe sent in this "configuration for the open-source Squid proxy to deny users of IE access through the proxy. This way, Squid administrators can force a sweeping change across their entire userbase, not just the ones who visit Explorer Destroyer-supporting sites."

Three settings: Gentle, Semi-serious, and Dead-serious

When you install the script on your site, you can decide how much force you want to use to convince your users to switch away from the dark side:

Level 1: Gentle Encouragement  Rating: $$
Visitors using IE see a message encouraging them to download Firefox (with a download link) running across the top of the page.

Level 2: Semi-serious  Rating: $$$$
Visitors using IE get a friendly splash page encouraging them to download Firefox. There's a download link, and a link to continue on to your site.

Level 3: Dead serious
Level 3 will not allow people using IE past a splash page. This level is very useful for sites that are not IE6 compatible. And there's never been a more important moment to switch people to Firefox. Can you handle it? (At least try it for a day to see how good it feels.) Unfortunately, level 3 is a little too intense for the Adsense policies, so for this level you'll have to use a regular, non-Adsense link to download Firefox.

Better than just a button.

Buttons (e.g. ) are classy, but most people need more of a push before they try something new.

I mean, if your friend was dating a really obnoxious guy who smelled bad and slept around, you wouldn't just put a dump him button on your livejournal and expect the problem to get solved. That'd be practically passive aggressive.

Plus, Windows Vista will be out soon. If Firefox doesn't get more users fast, Microsoft could be determining the future of the web. Those are high stakes, so it's time to take things up a notch.

Which sites should use Explorer Destroyer?

If most of your users use Internet Explorer, then you need Explorer Destroyer more than anyone. Sites with a lot of Internet Explorer users will also make the most money from Google Firefox referral fees, since you have more people to convert.

If most of your users don't use Internet Explorer, then Explorer Destroyer is a perfect way to convince the rest of you users to switch. Most of your readers will never even notice it's there and you'll be doing a good deed at the same time.

See how we get you both ways? Explorer Destroyer works for everyone.

Economics Focus

This graph illustrates the dramatic transfer of wealth from Google to you as you participate in their affiliate program (yes, this is a joke).

googles assets and your assets

Get under 50! Sites where less than 50% of readers use IE

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